Frequently Asked Questions

If I am contacted by law enforcement, do I have to speak with them?

The answer to this question is no and may seem obvious. However, when interacting with law enforcement, many people tend to become scared and nervous which can lead to making incriminating statements and possible arrest. Some people may want to speak to law enforcement in an effort make any trouble disappear. This is not likely the result. It is always wise to consult an attorney BEFORE making the decision to speak with law enforcement.

I was in an accident and the insurance company for the at-fault party has asked me to give a recorded statement. Do I have to comply?

No. If your insurance company requests information from you about an accident you are generally obligated to cooperate as it is required by your policy. However, you have no duty to provide a statement to an insurance adjuster from the at-fault party’s insurance company. Should you be involved in an accident where someone has injured you, please contact an attorney before you proceed any further in handling the matter.

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